As one of the oldest congregations in Washington County, the Church is situated on a rural road in Amwell Township between Lone Pine and Ten Mile. Emigrants from England and Scotland had come from Maryland and Virginia. These emigrants came as early as 1768 and settled along the north fork of the Ten Mile Creek.

As soon as cabins were built, they gathered for religious services. Crumrine's "History of Washington County" indicates that the first meeting house was constructed of logs in 1773, east of its present location. Tradition has it that it was made of hewn logs with a balcony on three sides, entered by steps on the outside. Several years later a new Church was constructed on the ridge road for easier access. This second building served from 1794 until 1836.

Later referred to in Church records as the Ridge Church, a third building, probably of frame construction, was built in 1836. The dedication services for the fourth house of worship were held on May 18, 1873. This building was also of wooden construction.

The present brick building was built in 1904. In 1993 due to an unprecedented expansion, an addition was built onto the then 89 year old building providing additional classroom, kitchen and fellowship space.
North Ten Mile Baptist Church has called forty-nine pastors since her organization in 1773 and demonstrates through her membership the godly leadership brought by these pastors.
With 230 years of history to undergird her, North Ten Mile Baptist church proudly launches into the future with the everlasting, unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ.