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Pastor: Rev. Dr. Gary Schneider

Ministers: ALL Members of the Congregation

Organist: Ruth Iams
Pianists: Shirley Burnsworth & Angie Iams

How to Reach Us
Church and Pastor Gary's Home: 724-267-4385
Pastor Gary's Cell Phone: 724-747-0430
Pastor Gary's E-mail Address:
(To contact any person on this page, send a request to Pastor Gary)

Youth Group Co-Leaders: Randy Denman

Kevin Montgomery, Lloyd Smith, Lawrence Briggs & Dennis Handra

Sunday Worship Services: 8:30 and 1100 AM
Sunday School: 10:00 AM
Informal Worship - Sunday Evenings: 6:00 PM

Nursery: Our nursery and two other upstairs classrooms are equipped with live video coverage of our church service. Parents, please feel free to use this resource whenever necessary.

Provided For Your Convenience: To better serve the needs of our congregation, envelopes have been placed in the pew racks, which can be used for designating your financial giving to this church. If you are visiting with us, do not feel obligated to give financially, but please do fill out a visitor card—also found in the pew racks—that we might have a record of your visit with us today.

The Church Lifeline: For an update of prayer requests and a daily inspiration, call:
LIFELINE: 724-223-WORD (9673)

For weather cancellations or updates call the church at 724-267-4385

Bulletin: Rachel & Carol Lindberg

We Believe:
All have sinned (Romans 12: 6-8)
All are saved through belief in Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9)
All, each in their own way, can contribute and serve (Romans 12: 6-8)

Answers to your questions about God, the Bible and His Plan for your life.

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