Please Consider A Donation

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With religious faith, with the hope of helping others. We sincerely thank the hearts of donors.

North Ten Mile Baptist Church gives to a wide variety of Christian Organizations and Missions. We designate almost 5% of our total income in giving strictly to missions. 

We also take monthly mission offerings and designate a new mission to give to each month. Current examples are Camp Carmel, the Washington City Mission, the Marianna Christian Outreach with the Blessing Box, Prudencio Canda (a missionary in the Phillipines), Beth-El Messianic Ministries and the Gideons International.

Our Missions group and advocates meets occasionally during the week to help with various mission opportunities like creating sleeping mats for the homeless, making dresses for children in Haiti, making hygiene packs for women in Africa, the Samaritans purse ministry and helping out and making care packages for our local brothers and sisters in Christ that are in hospice care.

North Ten Mile has a Missions advocate that works with various Missions to see that the church understands their needs and helps the church identify ways of providing to those Missions.

If you have an organization that would be interested in being part of our supported missions, please contact us through email, phone or our Facebook page.